WWE 2K16 Set For October Release – Yes! Yes! Yes!


2K Games will be stepping back into the squared circle later this year with the release of WWE 2K16. Take-Two Interactive’s recent earnings call revealed that the game will release on October 27th 2015 in the US.

WWE 2K first announced the news on their Facebook site, unveiling the new logo in the process. No more information has been provided at this point, although the game is likely to have a presence at E3 2015 in a few weeks time.

We reviewed last years entry, and found it to be a mixed bag. WWE 2K15 suffered from the same issues as many other yearly releases have experienced since the transition to new consoles – stripped back features. Fans were disappointed that so many customization features were removed, including custom character slots, variety of custom entrances, and the ability to create arenas and finishers. 2K were also ambitious in their attempts to create a new career mode, but it lacked depth.

Despite these setbacks, I found the core gameplay to be possibly the best it has ever been, a well-rounded system which does its best to accurately portray the art of professional wrestling (sorry…sports entertainment). The AI has been poor for years, but the control mechanics allowed for more exciting contests than ever before.

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2K were very outspoken last year in their aims to revamp the series, and WWE 2K15 was the first step on the ladder for that process. WWE games were long-due an overhaul, so its good to see that 2K games are trying something different.

Hopefully they will be able to refine the game and bring back some of the customization features this year, whilst creating a new and exciting take on the crazy world of sports entertainment.

WWE 2K15 will be available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 on October 27th 2015.

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