Xbox E3 2015 Briefing To Have “Greatest Games Lineup In Xbox History”


Microsoft became the latest company to confirm their E3 Press Conference briefing details today, as they announced that their show will be taking place on Monday 15th June, at 12:30p ET/9:30a PT. In addition, the official Xbox website is promoting that the event will allow viewers to “see the greatest games lineup in Xbox history”.

The conference will be streamed live through various channels, including, Spike TV and the Xbox Live Events Player on the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Major Nelson also confirmed that Microsoft will be holding a daily show throughout E3, featuring guest stars and industry elites. Again, this will be streamed through and both consoles, with promises of “interactive experiences” on the Xbox One.

The “greatest games” statement has been splashed across all of the Xbox channels, including, Facebook and Twitter. Expect some surprises, as well as additional information on upcoming titles such as Rise Of The Tomb Raider, Star Wars: Battlefront, and Halo 5.

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Microsoft have confirmed that they will be saving some of the announcements for the Gamescom event in August, partly due to time constraints, although they stressed that they still have an “amazing games lineup to share”.

Some rumors have been in the works that a 1TB version of the Xbox One may make an appearance at the E3 event, and we may hear some more information regarding Windows 10, which is set to feature heavily in the future of the Xbox One.

I always find the Xbox briefing to be one of the highlights of the show, and this year should be no exception. Plenty of exciting games are making their way to the Xbox One later this year, and any additional surprises would only help to bolster a strong winter period.

For Xbox 360 adopters who aren’t quite ready to make the switch yet, it remains to be seen how much attention the console will receive. It would be a nice touch if the huge player base that still exists within that community is acknowledged and rewarded with something new.

Microsoft will have a lot to discuss in such a short time-frame, so let’s hope they can deliver on their audacious promise.

Current E3 2015 Press Conference Schedule (As of June 1, 2015)

  • Bethesda: June 14, 7:00 PM PDT/10:00 PM EDT
  • Microsoft: June 15 9:30 AM PDT/12:30 PM EDT
  • EA: June 15, 1 PM PDT/4 PM EDT (1 hour)
  • Ubisoft: June 15, 3 PM PDT/6 PM EDT
  • Sony: June 15, 6 PM PDT/9 PM EDT
  • Nintendo: June 16, 9 AM EDT/12 PM EDT
  • Square Enix: June 16, 10 AM EDT/1 PM EDT
  • Nintendo: June 16, 9 AM EDT/12 PM EDT
  • PC Gaming: June 16, 5 PM PDT/8 PM EDT (3 hours)

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