June is a relatively dead period to release AAA games, mainly ..."/> June is a relatively dead period to release AAA games, mainly ..."/>

ARK: Survival Evolved Looks Like Rust, But With Dinosaurs


June is a relatively dead period to release AAA games, mainly due to publishers gearing up for the marketing palooza that is E3 right in the middle of the month. For blockbuster movies like Jurassic World, however, May and June are the perfect months to capitalize on box office ticket sales. Studio Wildcard looks to cash in on both of the gaming and dinosaur trends, as they will be released an Early Access version of their dinosaur survival shooter title, ARK: Survival Evolved in early June. Today, they have released a trailer to get people excited about what they have in store.

Shot with footage apparently taken from live online gameplay, ARK: Survival Evolved has you play as a man or a woman who wakes up on a (seemingly) deserted island with a small group of fellow semi-naked survivors. Thrown right into the action, you will need to hunt for your food, build up a shelter and explore the island for what it has to offer. Oh, and there are roughly 60 different types of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures of the like, according to This Is Xbox. That’s why you will need to arm yourself, as well as use tools to help you survive as long as possible as a group or by yourself.

Not all dinosaurs are your enemies in ARK: Survival Evolved; some of them can help you out. Just from the trailer alone we can see the player flying around on a pterodactyl-like creature, as well as riding on top of what one would presume to be a prehistoric ancestor of the crocodile, a giant scorpion and what may be a variant of a Brontosaurus. In addition to the mystery surrounding the gem embedded into your arm, there’s a lot more in play than what first meets the eye.

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Considering the relative unknown surrounding the development of ARK: Survival Evolved, I’m surprised it looks so good. Whatever gameplay engine the team at Studio Wildcard is using, it’s a far cry away from what a lot of other Indie titles use in pixelated art styles (not that there’s anything wrong with that). However, by entering Early Access for what is likely a year’s worth of development, whatever vision the development team had may be altered based off of early adopters’ feedback due to the fact that they’re willing to pay in the first place. Either way, with a console release coming next year, the ongoing development process will be sure to remain intriguing.

ARK: Survival Evolved will be released for Steam Early Access on June 2nd, while a completed PS4, Xbox One and PC release is expected in the summer of 2016.

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