Nintendo Climbs Aboard Universal Theme Parks


Ever wanted to race Mario Kart-themed Go-Karts? Or spin around inside a big Yoshi’s egg? What about a haunted house based on Luigi’s Mansion? According to BusinessWire, a Mario theme park could be a reality soon. Nintendo has teamed up with Universal to bring Nintendo-themed attractions to Universal theme parks.

Universal has parks located in Orlando, Hollywood, Japan, and Singapore, sporting areas themed around Harry Potter, Snoopy, Dr. Seuss, Jurassic Park, and more. The press release describes “immersive experiences” at Universal theme parks, stating that Nintendo’s representation will receive “major attractions”. It also states:

"Universal theme parks offer incredibly popular, innovative themed family entertainment experiences based on compelling stories and characters — using powerful storytelling and innovative technology. Nintendo has created remarkable and imaginative worlds filled with captivating stories and beloved characters. Now, for the first time, those stories and characters will be brought to life in entirely new ways — only at Universal theme parks."

No details yet on what kind of rides and attractions we’ll see, or whether we’ll get Nintendo mascots running around in suits. I know I’m keeping my fingers crossed for something colorful, messy, and Splatoon-themed.

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