Nintendo Direct that focused on the upcoming release of Splatoon, we go..."/> Nintendo Direct that focused on the upcoming release of Splatoon, we go..."/>

Gameplay, Stages, Bonuses Coming To Splatoon Post-Launch


During today’s Nintendo Direct that focused on the upcoming release of Splatoon, we got to learn a great detail about what you can expect out of the game when you pick it up in stores (or digitally) later in the month. However, with such an ambitious launch into the third-person shooter genre for Nintendo, it seems like all of their ideas can’t be contained strictly within its launch. That’s why Nintendo will be releasing free content updates throughout this coming summer, adding in gameplay modes and so much more.

With plans to be updated once every one or two weeks, some of the things coming to Splatoon after its launch include stages, with 9 stages joining the likes of Urchin Underpass, Saltspray Rig, Walleye Warehouse, Blackbelly Skatepark and Arowana Mall that are in the game right now. Weapons like the Inkbrush roller will join future bonuses that include ongoing additions to gear, such as shirts, pants, head accessories and shoes. Tower Control will be a capture-the-flag-style mode that will be accessible in Ranked Battle sometime this summer, joining the teased-at Rainmaker ruleset.

However, the big Splatoon content update will come in August. Only then will players be allowed to team up with their friends to take on an enemy team, whereas now even your friends are jumbled together in matches. Another option is for 8 friends to create their own custom room, where they can also customize the rules of their match.

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As great as it is for Nintendo to be giving away substantial amounts of DLC for free (including stages), one can’t help but wonder if some of these add-ons should be included with the game already at launch. 5 stages is a paltry number, even if the gameplay is dictated more by strategy than locale. Furthermore, not being able to team up with friends until 3 months after launch is mind-boggling an idea for an online multiplayer shooter set to release in the year 2015. Still, you have to take the good with the bad.

Splatoon will be released exclusively for the Wii U on May 29th. Pre-ordering the game will give players who own Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 2 bonus download Splatoon costumes for use on Mii characters.

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