You Can’t Redownload P.T. If It’s Deleted, So Hold On Tight


It’s been a rough year for Konami fans, and Konami isn’t doing much to ease the frustrations. With Kojima departing this year and the gradual rumored or confirmed dissipation of various titles and franchises, another slight to the fans isn’t going to go over well. So the inability to redownload P.T. if it’s deleted has some people understandably upset.

P.T., short for “Playable Teaser”, is actually the teaser for Silent Hills, which was officially canceled a week ago. P.T. remained on the PSN store for awhile after, and has recently been taken down. Polygon reported today that, unlike other games in the store, it can’t be redownloaded for those who downloaded it before the removal date, contrary to procedure for just about everything else in the store.

What rubs salt in the wound is that, when deleting P.T., it displays a message stating that it can indeed be redownloaded, and even appears in the player’s library. But when you go to redownload, an error appears instead. So, no Silent Hills, no P.T., and copies will gradually disappear, one by one, since there’s no way to get them back if lost.

Konami’s lack of transparency on…well, anything, grows more frustrating daily. No one knows what’s going on in there, or why Konami seems to be removing all traces of Kojima and his work from everything.

The one reassuring point in all this is that the rumors saying that P.T. has an “expiration date” and will disappear after a time are, in fact, completely false.

If you have a copy of P.T., it seems you’re safe in keeping it as long as you like, for now. Just don’t get rid of it. With no hard copies, such a game will inevitably be incredibly valuable.

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