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Steam’s Edgiest Game, Hatred, Has A Release Date


Whether you like it or not, games like Hatred that market themselves on the edgiest of violent, psychopathic principles deserve to exist if a market exists for it. That’s how video games development, production and the industry at large works. Even with an Adults Only rating from the ESRB that prevents it from being sold on Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo’s consoles, it will now have a release date scheduled for June 1 on Steam.

Confirming that Valve and co-founder Gabe Newell have kept their word on Hatred, having the option to sell their game through Steam Greenlight, Hatred may have been released earlier than June. Unfortunately for eager fans, according to Eurogamer the developers at Destructive Creations did not want to put up the game on the initially planned May 19th release date because members of the team, “Will be playing The Witcher 3 then.”

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The only way to pre-order Hatred comes on the game’s website. It will cost €16.66 no matter your location right now, with a bonus soundtrack being offered to those that pre-order the game. As you can tell from the game’s newest trailer above, Hatred remains dedicated to its visceral, gory, and maniacal trappings that it showed off since Day 1. Whether or not there will be a Shyamalanian twist along the way remains to be seen, but it’s clear from its most vehement defenders that there is a market in the games industry for anything and everything. Even for a game with a maniac bent on personally massacring everyone in his town.

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