Lifeless Planet Releases For Xbox One In May


The lonely adventure game – Lifeless Planet, will be heading to Xbox One consoles on the 13th of May (according to the release date on, with the price still to be confirmed. The game was released for PC and Mac last year, following its successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2011, in which it reached its target of $8,500 within 24 hours of going live. 

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The game follows an astronaut who, whilst seeking lifeforms on a distant planet, suffers a hard crash landing and finds that the planet is seemingly devoid of life. It follows a third person perspective containing 20 levels, which combine both adventure and puzzle aspects.

The Xbox One version, which has been detailed on the website, will be called Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition. It seems to earn this title due to the numerous updates which have been implemented in the new version.

This release date (if true) will put the recent rumors to bed, which suggested that Lifeless Planet may be a Games With Gold title for May, after the Lifeless Planet twitter account posted a somewhat cryptic tweet on the 25th of April, suggesting that the upcoming week would be a “very good one for Lifeless Planet fans!”.

As previously mentioned, the game actually started life as a Kickstarter project back in 2011, finishing with a total of $17,236, and beating its target within the first 24 hours. Despite original attempts to release the game in July 2012, the game didn’t officially release until June 2014, although it was made available on the Steam Early Access platform in March 2014.

This game has previously slipped under the radar for me personally. Metacritic ratings for the PC version are average at best (the rating is currently 59), although it will be interesting to see if the updates for the Premier Edition will be able to rectify some of the technical issues which plagued the game on release. Either way, I love the premise and the ideas which have been implemented here, and I look forward to trying it out next month.

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