Update: Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct Shows New Footage, No Release Date


Update: Treehouse is over and no word on a release date. All we have is one of the Treehousers in the middle of the stream stating that the localization is “in progress”, and at the end commenting that the game would come out “later this year”. Looks like we’re waiting til Fall or even Holiday 2015, but at least no later than that!

Original post:

Today’s Xenoblade Chronicles X Nintendo Direct revealed a ton of new information about the game, its universe, and its mechanics. At the time of this posting, we still don’t have a release date, or even a narrowed window, but as far as we know, it’s still coming out in 2015.

For the full details, check out the video of the Direct  and subsequent Treehouse. The version of the game being played in the Treehouse still looks like a fairly early localization–there’s some English, but all the voice acting and most text is still in Japanese. Here’s an overview of what we learned from the Direct and Treehouse:

  • Xenoblade Chronicles X takes place on the planet Mira
  • Humanity arrived on Mira via a ship called the White Whale after Earth was destroyed
  • Mira is composed of five continents, each with its own biome: Primordia (plains), Noctilim (water), Oblivia (desert), Sylvalum (tundra), Cauldros (lava)
  • All areas are open from the start of the game, provided you can survive the monsters
  • You begin in New Los Angeles, designed and based on the original city on Earth, which is located in Primordia
  • You work for an organization known as BLADE, from whom you receive quests
  • Many mechanics return–battle system is cleaned up but is very similar to Xenoblade Chronicles, with arts, cooldowns, and positioning working very similarly
  • Also similar to Xenoblade Chronicles are collectables on the map, some monsters attack you and others wait, minimap shows what’s in the area with colored markers, treasure collectable after battles, and more.
  • Time cycle returns; some monsters and people only show up at certain times. Weather patterns are also present. Monster behaviors vary depending on both
  • GamePad is the overworld map, lets you shoot out Probes to discover what activites can be done in an area, and lets you collect Miranium, a type of fuel
  • “Navballs” can be used anywhere, at any time to lead you in the direction of your current quest
  • Hopper Cam lets you scout out the area
  • Skells are Mechs fueled by Miranium that let you ground travel fast, fly up high and explore the area. Can also be used in combat.
  • Treasure chests you find have different levels, require different knowledge and skills to open.
  • Other races include Nopon and Manon, returning from the previous game, as well as the war-like Prone
  • Affinity seems to make a comeback
  • Main party in the first part of the Treehouse was the player character, two human female characters, with a Nopon joining as a “guest” later on

You can watch the video showcase below. The Treehouse is still going on, and we’ll update this article if any new, exciting information surfaces:

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