The Bloodborne Load Screen Patch Is Now Live


One of the few egregious problems going into the launch of Bloodborne (one that I shared in my review) was the lengthy load screens and the slapped-together title screen boredom that inhabited it for more than half a minute at a time. In the lead up to the review embargo, we had heard that a patch was being explored to cut down loading times as well as other outstanding issues. Thankfully, that comes today, as Bloodborne patch 1.03 goes live with tremendous results.

The patch itself is rather large, coming in at 2.725 GB. However, load improvements permeate throughout the entirety of Bloodborne, as I have found out by myself earlier this morning. Loading into a new zone from Hunter’s Dream takes the longest out of any screen loads, with a Cathedral Ward zone-in taking roughly 31 seconds to travel to. However, when you die and load back in, returning to action takes roughly only half the time. Travelling back to Hunter’s Dream from a lamp is dramatically quicker, taking only 9-12 seconds of load time. Best of all, the loading screens now contain items and item descriptions, giving hints into the world awaiting your play.

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Essentially, this main takeaway from the new Bloodborne patch is the reduction of loading times by 5-15 seconds, depending on where you load to. Loading from death takes even shorter time, depending on how far the respawn point is from your body. I lamented that completing Bloodborne would waste hours from your life just from staring at blank, repeated load screens, taking 30-45 seconds each time. Depending on how well the frame pacing issues have been addressed, it’s possible that our Bloodborne review may be updated. Stay tuned, and check out the full patch notes from SCE Japan below.

"Main points of UPDATE 1.03-Reduced loading times (approx 5-15 seconds;. May Vary by circumstance)-fixed bug That left Certain Lifts and elevators inoperable-fixed bug That Resulted in bosses Becoming Immobilized-fixed bug That left Players unable to Advance NPC events During multi-Play-When the PS4 IS put into Rest Mode During Online Play, the Game Will Now Return to the main title screen upon resuming PlayThis Will resolve matchmaking issues related to Suspend / Resume.-Other Various bug fixesWe will continue to make improvements to better the play experience."

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