Canadian Videogame Awards Now Has A CVA FanFest


Deciding that strictly talking about video games wasn’t nearly as fun as playing video games, the Canadian Videogame Awards will be looking forward towards a new approach. Reboot Communications and Swaf Media have paired up over the coming years to create the CVA FanFest. It will act as a gaming event skewed towards interactivity and engagement for the fans. The inaugural event will debut during December 5th to the 6th later this year at the Mattamy Centre (home of the former Maple Leaf Gardens) in Toronto, Ontario.

Gathering what I can from the press release, it looks like it will act more as a gathering of Canadian gaming fans than as a preview event, with fans able to try out holiday releases. Plus, there will be an opportunity for those to “test their skills against other players,” although the extent of competitive or tournament play is unknown. The second day, December 6th, is where things get down to business, as the CVA FanFest activities will come to a close with an award show to celebrate the Canadian gaming industry. Fans and developers alike will have the chance to interact with each other throughout the course of the weekend.

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It’s great to see the Canadian gaming industry come together in a much larger scale for celebration, rather than strictly for promotion. Yes, the push to buy some of these holiday releases will be there, but with live music and other festivities going on throughout the CVA FanFest the atmosphere should be in a more relaxed manner than the Canadian Videogame Awards has known for the general public. Hopefully, a good balance between AAA and Canadian independent developers is met, opening up the Indie scene to a wider audience of fans in Canada.

The nominations for this year’s CVA FanFest will be announced on June 1st. More information about the event will become available closer to its December launch later this year on the website.

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