Dark Souls II Expansion Update To Fix Durability Issue (Not That One)


That’s right, Dark Souls II fans, the time has come for From Software to address the elephant in the room; unintended bugs and problems regarding durability. Unfortunately for PC/PS4/Xbox One users, it’s not the durability issue that you’re thinking about. Furthermore, it appears to be headed for the Dark Souls II “expansion” Scholar of the First Sin, as patch notes for Dark Souls II over in Japan suggest that the upcoming patch will correct problems facing users who attack over dead bodies.

For those unaware of the issue, in Dark Souls II, if you swing a weapon over the corpse of a fallen enemy, the game will register a dire mishit and calculate an abnormal amount of damage to a weapon’s durability. It was a fairly noticeable bug, and it should have been addressed quicker than ~13 months after launch. However, it’s not nearly the biggest issue affecting weapon durability out there.

Dark Souls II first launched on PS3 and Xbox 360 last March, with a PC release (and that glorious 60 FPS/GeDoSaTo program) last April. While Dark Souls II on consoles available at the time ran at an unlocked ~30 FPS framerate, the PC version ran at ~60 FPS (depending on computer specs). However, it appears as though the weapon durability was attached to the framerate, as durability depleted at roughly twice the speed as that during regular 7th-gen console play. It was an issue that continues to go unaddressed, even with a PS4/Xbox One/DirectX11 release this month.

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Not only with From Software/Bandai Namco only address just one half of their weapon durability issues that Dark Souls II faces, but it appears as though it will only be going towards those who have the PS4/Xbox One/DirectX11 copies. Vanilla PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 users are seemingly left out to dry, with a forced incentive to buy a new version of Dark Souls II in order to solve an issue that the developers, themselves were responsible for. Hopefully, all weapon durability fixes will be coming to all platforms as soon as possible, although with a framerate-tied issue that seems to be tied to the game’s source code, a perfect fix may not ever arrive.

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