Star Ocean 5 Confirmed For PlayStation


The latest issue of Famitsu (translated through Gematsu) has revealed that Square Enix is indeed developing Star Ocean 5 for PS4 and PS3. There’s still no confirmation that it’s connected to the tease from a few days ago, though it’s a fairly safe bet at this point. The full title of the game is Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness. No release date has yet been given, and the game looks to be about 30% complete.

The game will be set on a faraway planet called Feycreed, and will feature real-time battles with combat that changes depending on your distance from your enemies. Star Ocean 5 will also include something called “seamless events,” where enemies will attack you and outcomes may differ depending on if those enemies reach your allies.

Here’s the prologue of the game, from Kotaku:

"Do the depths of space forbid peace for mankind?Centuries after leaving Earth, after a multitude of trials, with the creation and spread of the ‘Galactic Federation,’ humanity was on the verge of unified order and peace.But the embers of conflict have begun to burn again.Over 6,000 light years from Earth, on the unsettled planet, ‘Feycreed.’Just as so many times before, the waves of history begin from a remote planet."

The screenshots from Famitsu are gorgeous, too. Here’s a few of them, in which you can see protagonist Fedel Camus (the guy), and his childhood friend Miki Sorvesta (pink-haired girl). We also know of a girl named Lilia who has lost her memory, and there seems to be a green-haired magician character in there too:

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