The Order: 1886 is, by all definitions, a video game. The Order: 1886 is, by all definitions, a video game.

The Order: 1886, Like All Beautiful Games Should, Adds Photo Mode


The Order: 1886 is, by all definitions, a video game. Some may have liked it, others…have less than nice things to say about its predictable story and unpredictable brevity in overall game length. However, one thing seems perfectly clear to all; it looks very good due to a focus on visual fidelity. That’s why it only makes sense for Ready At Dawn to enable a new Photo Mode in The Order: 1886, albeit several months after its February release. A new trailer (embedded above) shows the new Photo Mode in action.

Getting into Photo Mode within regular The Order: 1886 play is fairly simple. All you have to do is enable the mode in the Options menu, then press down on the DualShock 4’s touchpad. From there you can access a plethora of options, including those to shift in and out of focus, dolly a shot, tilt/pan the camera as well as the choice of several types of color filters. Better yet, once photo mode is exited, there’s a new option to maintain a lock on your photo styles, allowing players to play the entire game in the color filter of their choice.

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While I maintain its extraordinary uses within vanilla play of The Order: 1886, I can name several types of updates the game needed long before a photo mode. For starters, how about the option to skip cutscenes? Without it, repeat playthroughs become much more tedious. Speaking of repeat playthroughs, how about a New Game Plus mode? You know, pepper the game with possible upgrades, making it actually worthwhile to revisit The Order: 1886? This Photo Mode is perfect for those who haven’t already played the game. Unfortunately, due to the way video games are sold, this update benefits just a small percentage of overall users, coming way too late in its post-release cycle.

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