Tony Hawk 5 Accidentally Revealed In Instagram Photo


Chef Joe Youkhan of The Tasting Spoon may not have expected to find himself in the news headlines for gaming reasons today. Working at a catering event, he uploaded a photo to his Instagram account, showing off his elaborate setup. Unfortunately for Chef Joe, he had failed to notice that the screen in the background of the picture was clearly displaying a logo for “Tony Hawk 5”.

Tony confirmed the existence of a new game in the series last November, and offered more information in January, confirming that the game would be coming to the Playstation 4 console at some point during 2015.

It is worth pointing out that these comments were made at the Sony CES conference, so the possibility of Xbox One and Wii U editions are unknown at this point.

A spokesperson has confirmed to IGN since the photo leak, that Tony Hawk 5 is a working title, and that they have no other news to share at this time. Chef Joe has also removed the photo from his Instagram account. 

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The Tony Hawk series shares many similarities to the recent RockBand revival. The game outstayed its welcome, thanks to yearly iterations at a time when the majority of gamers were ready for something different.

The introduction of EA’s Skate series, offered that alternative that was desperately needed for skateboard fans. Despite attempts to try and find a new direction, the introduction of a new skateboard peripheral in 2010’s release of Tony Hawk: Ride was poorly received.

Now, after many years away from the spotlight, the time feels right for Tony Hawk to make a big return. I can’t wait to see what Tony Hawk 5 can bring to the latest generation of consoles.

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