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Lego Dimensions Is Multiple Lego Adventurers In One Game


Looks like those rumors turned out to be true; Lego Dimensions is the newest entry in the Lego video game line from Warner Bros. Due out on September 29th, it will be headed for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, with Warner Bros confirming the story through the power of a reveal trailer on Youtube.

The trailer for Lego Dimensions itself is rather lightheartedly funny in nature, with TV’s Ryan Seacrest (er, Joel McHale) unpacking a mysterious collection of Lego’s sent to him. Once completed, out come Lego Batman, Lego Gandalf and Wyldstyle (from The Lego Movie), the latter saying that a helmet-wearing “real bad dude” has been tearing rifts between the separate Lego dimensions of existence. This evil force has kidnapped the friends of our Lego adventurers, so they need to get back into the portal to save them.

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From there, we get a small peek into Lego Dimensions gameplay, with glimpses of the yellow brick road and pieces of licensed material from Lord of the Rings, DC Comics and other Lego games. IGN has more details on the pricing of the game, with a £89.99 ($99.99) Starter Pack on last-gen and £99.99 ($99.99) price on current-gen platforms. The Starter Pack will come with Lego pieces necessary to make a Lego Toy Pad, one that allows users to use specially-crafted Lego figures into the game, similar to Skylanders and amiibo NFC products. Level and Team Packs will run up a price of £29.99 ($24.99) each, while Fun Packs cost £14.99 ($14.99).

Creatively, it was a move waiting to happen. An “Avengers”-style mashup of IP’s within a single video game should not come cheap to Warner Bros, hence the ludicrous prices of Lego Dimensions packs and the Starter Kit itself. On the other hand, Lego pieces are pretty expensive by themselves, and the Skylanders market has proven to be very viable for the gaming market. If parents will buy such kid-friendly games at a high price, so be it.

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