Grand Theft Auto V For PC To Contain 7 Discs?


Grand Theft Auto V finally releases for the PC next week, and new information suggests that the game will contain 7 discs for those who purchase the physical copy, after a leaked photo made its way to Reddit earlier today.

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This seems to be a legitimate picture of the retail version, as the game will consume 65GB of hard drive space, which would require all 7 discs worth of storage to install. Despite this, IGN reports that the age ratings on the box do not correspond with the standard ESRB rating symbols, which would suggest that the picture is taken from a non-US release.

It seems like a lifetime since Grand Theft Auto V was originally announced for PC, but after the pain of watching the game come out for two generations of consoles, as well as multiple delays, the PC release is now upon us. With the addition of 4K resolution support and new features such as the video editor, combined with all of the elements that made Grand Theft Auto V so great previously, I am confident that it will be worth the wait.

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