Update: “Can’t Kill Progress” Is No Longer A Secret


Update Final: (Editor’s Note: It’s totally Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. -Daniel)

Update 1: Hey, the guy’s up and moving! Looks like there may be some worth to checking in throughout the day. We’ll keep updating if he does anything more interesting than yelling at the camera.

Original post:

Square Enix has been excitedly Tweeting about a “big reveal” from their western studio that was meant to take place today at 1 PM EDT. The logo, CKP, apparently stands for the hashtag they’ve been using to Tweet about it: Can’t Kill Progress:

Unfortunately, no one really has any idea what it was about. The Twitch stream, which lasted all of ten minutes, was weird, creepy, and totally inconclusive.

It began with a man with a bag over his head and bound arms sitting in a chair in a dark room. You seemed to be viewing him through a surveillance camera, and the camera occasionally switched to other angles. At the start of the stream, a man with a Russian accent began to interrogate the man in the chair as he was flanked by two other menacing looking fellows.

His questions amounted to “Do you like music?” (to which the man gave no reply and was slapped by one of the guards) and “Classical or folk?” which was put to a vote in Twitch chat. Folk won out, a clip of some folk music played briefly, and then it cut to the current image–the same man lying on the floor, unconscious, alone. The chair is gone.

That’s it. The video was shown in spurts, starting over from the beginning multiple times and occasionally cutting to a stream that indicated a connection was terminated, and it was reloading. The stream now indicates that another “vote” will take place at 6PM EDT…that’s five hours away before anything else is going to happen.

Good luck looking for clues and figuring out what this is all about. In the meantime, click the stream and watch a guy lay there for the next five hours.

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