GTA Online Has A Unique Way Of Dealing With Cheaters


Ever since the release of GTA Online back in October 2013, players have been taking advantage of various exploits within the game to give them a significant advantage. Despite Rockstar’s attempts at patching these exploits to deter cheaters, more and more are constantly being discovered as extra elements are added into the game.

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The latest discovery was an issue which allowed players to spawn the Duke O’Death – a car which was never intended to be included in the GTA Online universe. It is one of the most powerful cars within GTA V, and offers a considerable advantage over most other cars in GTA Online.

As usual, Rockstar patched the issue, but decided to have a little fun with it at the same time. Instead of removing the exploit from GTA Online entirely, the game still allows the player to spawn the Duke O’Death, but then proceeds to explode into pieces as soon as the player enters the car.

Its nice to see Rockstar poking fun at their players who try and gain an unfair advantage. The very nature of a game such as Grand Theft Auto will always attract these unsportsmanlike strategies, and Rockstar have done a good job at keeping up to date with patches to counteract them.

Check out the video of the fixed Duke O’Death exploit below.

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