Nintendo: Splatoon Coming May 29, Amiibo Support Included


Splatoon has an announced release date of May 29 coming exclusively to Nintendo Wii U. Included with the game will be a variety of options added in terms of play.

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The first added option is the addition of Amiibo support for the title with the Inklings getting their own figurines. Amiibo have been really popular for all Nintendo titles they are associated with. Nintendo looks to capitalize on this by expanding the figures outside of the normal bounds of their first party characters.

The next added option is that of local cooperative play called the Battle Dojo mode. This will also be available on launch day as a mode within Splatoon. After showing off how Splatoon would work online, Nintendo took a moment to show us how Splatoon’s local modes would play. In a smaller sample of the games main mode, one character controls his character with the large remote and the rest use Wii remotes. Each character still tackles the challenge of covering the stage in their ink, but the goal is to make it so they can pop more balloons than the other players.

Last, but certainly not least, the Single Player mode featuring Captain Cuddlefish as your narrator and advisor. The single player mode exists in a way to teach a little bit about how to play the game, but it also exists as a mode all its own. Featuring other creatures of the sea as enemies, your inkling takes on a variety of challenges moving forward through the game.

Splatoon launches its ink at you on Wii U May 29, 2015.

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