Nintendo Direct: Yoshi’s Wooly World Coming This Fall With Adorable Amiibo


During today’s Nintendo Direct, Bill Trinen showcased more gameplay for the upcoming Wii U title, Yoshi’s Wooly World. In particular, he demonstrated some of the core abilities Yoshi has, the two modes of gameplay, and yes, amiibo functionality.

Yoshi’s Wooly World is an adorable addition to the Yoshi series where you play as a Yoshi made all out of yarn, in a world of colorful thread. In addition to Yoshi’s regular abilities, Yoshi can, by gobbling up enemies, turn them into balls of yarn to use as weapons or to reach high places.

The game has two modes: Classic Mode, which is fairly challenging gameplay for those who are veterans of the Yoshi series, and Mellow Mode, where you play as a Winged Yoshi who can fly to dodge enemies and climb to high spaces. You can switch between modes any time during play, allowing you to traverse tough obstacles if you’re stuck, then switch back to regular play.

Also, Nintendo will be releasing a special Yoshi amiibo to go with Yoshi’s Wooly World. This amiibo will not be hard and plastic, like other amiibos, but will be soft and made of yarn, just like Yoshi in the game. It will come in three colors: green, blue, and pink. By using the Yoshi amiibo with the game, a second Yoshi will appear to assist you, similar to multiplayer mode. The first Yoshi can gobble up the second one, and use him to reach high places or overcome obstacles.

Yoshi’s Wooly World will arrive for the Wii U sometime this coming fall.

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