Mario Maker Will Launch This September


Nintendo looks to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the orinal Nintendo Entertainment System launch of Super Mario Bros. in style, chiefly with the release of level-creation software Mario Maker. It will be coming to Wii U this September, and will host a bevy of customizable options over several different Mario game styles.

More specifically, when creating levels for Mario Maker, you can choose set pieces, enemies, and obstacles between Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World or New Super Mario Bros U. While not specifically commented on, it appears as though you can create both world and level schemes alike, blending differing gameplay styles into one. Of course, you can upload your creations for others to enjoy.

It’s great to see Nintendo allow its fans access to create fantastic Mario Maker levels of their own. Hardcore ROM-hackers and coders have been making their own adaptations of popular platforming games, like Kaizo Mario World, for years. Now that the level of dedication it takes to learn and create levels to share is almost infinitely easier with Mario Maker, I can’t imagine what crazy levels fans will come up with in the future!

We’ll have more information coming out of this April 1st Nintendo Direct as the presentation continues, as well as coverage once the event has concluded. Keep it here at GameSided!

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