Nintendo Uploads Gorgeous Live Recordings Of Xenoblade Chronicles Soundtrack


Nintendo has uploaded to YouTube five live studio recordings of pieces from the Xenoblade Chronicles soundtrack, in preparation for the upcoming release of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D on the New Nintendo 3DS.

Xenoblade Chronicles is well-known for its lovely music, composed by Yoko Shimomura of Kingdom Hearts fame. Nintendo selected five of the most beautiful and epic tracks from the OST for the live recordings:

  • Main Theme
  • Gaur Plain
  • Mechanical Rhythm
  • Engage the Enemy
  • You Will Know Our Names

Have a listen to the Main Theme:

You can hear all of the recordings in playlist form here. Every one of the tracks is worth listening to, and the string instrumentation is particularly lovely, as are the vocals on Gaur Plain. New Nintendo 3DS speakers will never be able to do the music the justice the recordings can, but certainly will do a better job of bringing the soundtrack to life than the Nintendo DS XL speakers could have.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D comes out exclusively for the New Nintendo 3DS on April 2nd in Japan and PAL regions, and April 10th in North America.

Source: My Nintendo News

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