The Bricksperience: LEGOs in Unreal Engine 4


If you’re a fan of following directions then today you’re in luck, Youtube user CreativityZone is showcasing a LEGO building game using Unreal Engine 4. The game lets players enjoy the simple fun of constructing a LEGO playset without the danger of losing pieces in couch cushions.

The Bricksperience is not his first attempt at a brick-building game, it was an iterative step from a previous attempt called Brix & Blox Sandbox. The demo shown in the video represents only a week of work, so it’s not hard to imagine where it may go from here.

The explosive popularity of Minecraft has spawned a wave of creative-focused building games that share semblances of the LEGOs we all grew up with, but few have fully embraced that connection as much as The Bricksperience.

While this all may sound awesome to you, allow me tempter your excitement by reminding you that this is a labor of love and still a work-in-progress. It also doesn’t help that it’s being made by a developer with a tendency to abandon projects (plus there’s a slew of possible intellectual property issues with LEGO).

Whether or not The Bricksperience will become a finished game is unknown, so for now let’s just bask in the shiny geometry of digital bricks, and dream of what could be.

Source: Youtube

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