PS4 Update 2.5 “Yukimura” Making PS4s Better Tomorrow


New PS4 Update 2.5, codename Yukimura, will be launched tomorrow for all PS4 owners, according to a post on PlayStation Blog. The update includes some new functionality to the system, but also makes the system more social and more accessible to different kinds of players.

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The biggest addition in this update in terms of name and in terms of wait for addition is the Suspend/Resume feature. This allows players to pause their applications, turn the system off, and then come back to the application where they left off. The limitations of this feature apply to areas like games with always online play where inactivity times players out of the system.

The PS4 gets a little more social as well. You will now be able to search for Facebook friends and connect with them, ask for real name requests when adding a friend, and a more streamlined party creation process. The social improvements also brings a new feature to the news feed by allowing you to join directly from the news feed.

Accessibility to PS4 is now wider. Through customized button assignments, text to speech, and enlarged text enhancements, the PS4 has made itself more friendly to those who may find the current default setup as insufficient to their gaming needs.

Remote Play Gets Upgraded. The PS Vita will also be getting an update as new remote play features will allow the system to stream games that can do so in 60 FPS.

For a complete list of the features coming to PS4, head on over to Playstation Blog for a full list. Lets us know in the comments what you think of these new additions to the Playstation 4 platform.

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