Coming fairly quickly off the recent release of Coming fairly quickly off the recent release of

The Evil Within DLC: The Consequence Will Launch In April


Coming fairly quickly off the recent release of The Evil Within DLC, “The Assignment,” comes the reveal of the next step in the twisted tale of Kidman. “The Consequence” will be released on April 21st for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. Bethesda released a gameplay teaser in preparation, although it provides more questions than answers.

Seriously, all the video for this Evil Within DLC shows is Kidman walking down a metal walkway, gun in hand, a highway sign with the word “Paranoia” appears before a bright white light blinds the viewer. After showing off the logo splash, we hear a pistol being reloaded and Kidman saying, “I’m not running this time.”

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We do know that this will be the 2nd of a 2-part Evil Within DLC series covering the events of Kidman throughout her mysterious disappearances that occurred during The Evil Within’s standard play with Sebastian. Finally, we should get all the answers necessary to complete the story, even if it means having to do so through paid DLC. It’s an intriguing way to create story content outside of adding on, even if it means those who do not pay extra for their game are left trying to fit the pieces together with an incomplete puzzle.

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