Playtonic Games May Collaborate With Rare In The Future


At the risk of aging myself, there is a certain reverence surrounding the excellence of what Rare once was, and the wish for the UK game studio to go back to its outstanding basics, from those growing up with their games. Whether it be Donkey Kong, Banjo-Kazooie or other titles, it just makes seeing their constant lackluster Kinect output that much more disappointing. That’s why a Playtonic Games mention in The Guardian stating that they know what Rare is working on is fairly promising. More so is the fact that they say fans “will be satisfied.”

If you are unaware, Playtonic Games is the collection of developers who are working on creating a spiritual successor to the Banjo-Kazooie series quite close to the Rare studios. The notion that the opportunity for Playtonic to work again with Rare in the future came from Playtonic studio head Gavin Price, who previously worked with Rare for 20 years.

“You never know, there are some good old mates of ours down the road, they may might want to do a little multi-studio collaboration,” Price says. “We’re just going to be open minded. We’re not trying to look too far ahead. We’ll make the right decision when we get there.”

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Although it’s too much of a tease for my heart to take, I’m more interested to see how Project Ukulele turns out first. The creativity comes from designers and key creative staff, so Playtonic would be in a position of power if their game sells well, should Rare want them back to work on some sort of gaming project. However, I’m not going to get my hopes up for a Rare project until I see gameplay footage with my very own eyes. It’s been way too long since they have released an excellent game, so even if Playtonic says Rare fans will be happy, expectations should be kept well guarded.

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