Capcom Announces Breath Of Fire 6, But Not For Consoles


A teaser trailer has been released today by Capcom on Youtube for the next installment in the Breath of Fire series: Breath of Fire 6. This is pretty awesome news, as there hasn’t been a new Breath of Fire game since 2002, though most entries in the series have been released on other consoles, or on Virtual Console, since their debut. Take a look at the trailer:

Unfortunately, though all the anime is quite pretty and intriguing, aside from what the main cast looks like this trailer tells us very little about what to expect from the game. There’s no indication of how gameplay might work, or even what the story might be about. Still, we can be pretty safe in the assumption that the blue-haired boy is Ryu and the blonde girl is Nina. The full title is Breath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White Dragon.

Furthermore, unlike all previous installments, Breath of Fire 6 has not been announced for console. It will be released on Android, iOS, and PC, with the ability to continue the game on one device from where you left off on the other, Siliconera reports. The game is scheduled for release in Japan in 2015, with no word yet on whether we’ll see it in the west.

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