Nintendo Forms Mobile Gaming Partnership With DeNA


It’s a big day for the future of Nintendo, in multiple ways (more on that later). The first big news of the day coming their way is the announcement of a business and capital alliance between them and global internet company DeNA. Together, they will develop new game apps for smart devices and create a membership services that spans multiple dedicated and non-dedicated gaming devices.

In the type of collaboration a fair number of people suggested should have happened years ago, Nintendo will be capitalizing on their iconic intellectual property and development studios while using DeNA’s expertise in the mobile gaming field worldwide. Making sure that these new mobile offerings have as much heart poured into them as dedicated gaming console titles currently do for Nintendo, new original games will be created instead of straight ports of Wii U and 3DS games.

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This partnership doesn’t mean Nintendo will bow out of the dedicated gaming console hardware and software market, however, as Nintendo president Satoru Iwata notes, “Now that we have decided how we will make use of smart devices, we have come to hold an even stronger passion and vision for the dedicated video game system business than ever before.” As such, Iwata also spoke about the new membership service, which will span across tablets, smartphones, PC’s, the Nintendo 3DS, the Wii U and their upcoming dedicated gaming system, codenamed “NX.” The membership is due to launch this fall.

It’s the perfect move for Nintendo to make this partnership with DeNA. While some thought that Nintendo should be licensing out their IP’s to mobile companies in order to fashion a highest bidder for each title, with this alliance Nintendo will act as the developers. DeNA will utilize their knowledge and mindshare within the mobile gaming industry to build successful releases. Furthermore, seeing how Nintendo is a games-only company with a quality of life side-project, for them to ignore mobile the way they have recently is to dig their feet in while the future moves on without them.

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