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Life Is Strange Episode 2 Is Coming Out Next Week


While not exactly sticking to the “every six weeks” schedule they promised, the delay for Episode 2 of developer Dontnod’s Life Is Strange won’t last that long. The developers have taken to their Twitter account to confirm that Episode 2 of Life Is Strange will be released on March 24th. Each platform the game is currently available on will receive this content update at the same time, as opposed to the current schedule system Telltale Games uses for their episodic adventure games.

As someone who feels Episode 1 served more as a means of having players tip their toes into unforeseen consequences, I’m wondering if Life Is Strange will be quick to pull the trigger on discovering the results of in-game choices. One of the criticisms these types of games face is that choice is ultimately meaningless when the end game is predetermined. The way this game is centered around a girl interacting with her friends and enemies in a high school social setting, however, it becomes a bit more tricky to predict. The current plot already points at how complicated saying what you need to say can actually be in the long run.

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The ability to rewind time seems like a broken concept, but Life Is Strange brings permanence to your actions once you leave a certain setting. Similar to the Butterfly Effect, you don’t know what seemingly inconsequential action will have a lasting effect on the story in this game. Hopefully, the extra weeks worth of development time will give the developers the opportunity to come up with answers and forethought for this winding web of story branches.

Life Is Strange Episode 1 is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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