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Upcoming PS4 Update 2.50: The One You’ve Been Waiting For


Yes, Uncharted 4 might not be coming out on the PS4 this year after all, but things aren’t looking completely dismal for Sony’s 8th-generation console. Coming soon is PS4 update 2.50, codenamed “Yukimura,” which will bring a host of oft-delayed functions and features that the PS4 has been in dire need of. The chief among those, of course, is the ability to suspend/resume game titles.

As announced on the PlayStation Blog, suspend/resume mode does exactly as it sounds. After installing the PS4 update, play your games for as long as you wish to. When you’re done, put your PS4 in rest mode, as it idles play and uses less energy. Once you’re ready to come back to the action, power up the system once more and you will return to your regularly-scheduled gaming programming in no time.

There are a host of other features that come with the PS4 update 2.50, including the ability to upgrade sub-accounts to master accounts once users turn 18, search for gaming friends via Facebook friend search linked to your PSN account, upgrading Remote Play and Share Play to support 60 FPS for games that enjoy it, the option to share video clips to Dailymotion (I’m as surprised people still use that as you), and also extra accessibility options for those who need help to overcome personal impairment. Button scheme remapping is just part of the wider collection of options.

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Finally, a part of the PS4 update pertains to trophies hunters and those who enjoy in-game achievements. Screenshots will automatically be captured for each and every trophy earned, just in case you wanted to share a Platinum or hard-to-earn gold trophy after the fact. Furthermore, players now have the option to remove games from their Trophy list if they have 0% completion. Some consider those as a mark of shame, which pairs in tandem with the weird macho head games played by those who do not game for enjoyment, but to be better at gathering arbitrary collectibles than others.

Either way, PS4 update 2.50 brings a lot of desired features to the console that have been in the works for over two years. Yes, the PS3 required firmware updates far too often, but not often enough shouldn’t be the response, Sony!

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