Homefront: The Revolution Will Be Launch-Revised


In a move that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone (seeing how updates in the development of the game have achieved radio silence since July last year), Homefront: The Revolution will not be coming out this year after all. As reported by Videogamer, backed with statements by the publisher at Deep Silver, the game will now release within the nebulous launch window of 2016. A big part of the delay comes from developmental transitioning to a new development group in Dambuster Studios, which is part of the THQ bankrupcy fallout.

“Dambuster Studios are an extraordinarily talented group,” Deep Silver CEO Dr. Klemens Kundratitz says. “We are giving the team every opportunity to turn Homefront: The Revolution into a best-selling title, and have set a 2016 release date to provide them the time they need to achieve this. You can expect to hear more about the game later this year.”

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Due for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One, I had a lot of intrigue for Homefront: The Revolution when it was first announced. The idea of playing a co-op based shooter with on-the-fly weapon customization and as an everyday Joe is so unlike what we’ve seen from the action genre, especially when countless Call of Duty entries play to the uber-patriotic G.I. Joe nationalism angle. Perhaps this extra time (of just how long, we are not sure) will give Dambuster the time to truly create a blockbuster title, although the middling Homefront title this sequel is based off of does not exactly inspire confidence.

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