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Titanfall DLC, Season Pass Is Free On Xbox & PC


It’s been an entire year since Titanfall was first released to the gaming public. A slew of DLC followed, helping to extend the legs of what was one of the most marketed and hyped games of 2014. Now that the dust has settled, Respawn Entertainment wants to thank all the fans who helped them make their big first step into gaming by releasing their DLC for free.

As confirmed on a company blog post today (although it was discovered first on Twitter), all Titanfall map packs are available across the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. The season pass is accessed through Xbox Live on both Xbox One consoles, while you can add the season pass for free on PC versions here, accessible through Origin. Of course, you need to own Titanfall itself to actually enjoy this free offer, but one shouldn’t poo-poo either a nickel or a free offer.

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Even though many have moved on the other first-person shooters, there is something to be said about Titanfall as a franchise. It will no doubt receive sequels from EA, and may even come to the PS4 in the future. The “on-the-fly” traversal system was key, and came first before Call of Duty: Advanced. The titan machines, themselves, will be much more impressive when development is dedicated solely to next-gen. Finally, a lot of the framerate issues should get correct the later into the Xbox One’s life it gets.

Handing out free Titanfall DLC now is a great way to set up its success in the future. No word on how long the promotion will last has been given, so make sure to take advantage as soon as possible.

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