Tales From The Borderlands Episode 2 Finally Approaches


It has been almost 3 months since we last ventured into the episodic adventures of Pandora, but the wait is nearing its end. Telltale Games has released the world premiere trailer of Episode 2 of Tales From The Borderlands, named “Atlas Mugged.” Unlike what’s going on with Game of Thrones, however, we didn’t get a definitive set of release dates right at the end of the video.

In this newest episode, the Gortys Project will spawn what is certain to be an intriguing search for the truth behind Atlas Corporations intentions before Hyperion took over Pandora. Vasquez, Bounty and Vault Hunters are hot on the tail of Rhys and Fiona, making sure both to impede and supercede the progress they made. Also, there’s a giant horned monster charging full steam right as the trailer ends, promising rollicking good fun for players ahead.

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Telltale Games also sent out a press release, where they did say that they will be aiming to release the newest Tales From The Borderlands episode on the week of March 17th. The platforms with aimed coverage include PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Mac, Android and iOS, so maybe you’ll be able to play it on your $10,000+ Apple Watch as the year goes on. Even though vague release windows are never set in stone, Telltale usually is on the level with episode trailers and actual gameplay following closely behind.

We’ll make sure to update this story once the release dates have been confirmed on each platform. Maybe, one day, the PS Vita will see Tales From The Borderlands support, as past Telltale Games were oft to receive.

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