Square Enix Survey Asks Fans What Game They Want Most


Square Enix has put out a call to its fans via the official Final Fantasy Twitter to fill out a Square Enix survey on their games. Take a look:

Potential prizes aside, this is a fabulous opportunity to give Square Enix feedback on what sort of games you want to see in their future. The survey asks basic questions about demographics, as well as what streaming, music, TV, and phone services you use. It asks about console choices (Wii U, 3DS, and Vita seem to have been left out until fan comments reminded them to add those on). There are questions about gaming websites, how you select games to play, and finally about games themselves.

The best part about this survey is its inclusion of older franchises, such as Secret of Mana, Star Ocean, and Chrono Trigger. Maybe these were just thrown in as a consolation, but it at least shows that Square Enix has these games on their mind. One of the final questions on the survey asks what one game you want to see them make next. Whether you’re a fan of what Square Enix is currently working on, or want to see some love for old favorites, this is a great chance to tell Square Enix exactly what you want. Go fill out the survey if you get a chance! You never know what might come of it.

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