Battlefield Hardline Confirms Xbox One, PS4 Resolutions


Just days ahead of its release, Xbox One and PS4 users finally know what their version of Battlefield Hardline will output at, in both resolution and framerate. Visceral Games, the developers of the recent entry in the large-scale tactical shooter combat series, used their Twitter account recently to clarify questions about the matter.

(Note: the “Hardline” account above is a regular Twitter user who is a fan of Battlefield Hardline.)

While visual differences between the Xbox One and PS4 versions of multiplatform games aren’t that much of a story these days (and the gaps are beginning to close), it’s the fact that Battlefield Hardline won’t hit 1080p on either next-gen console. While a solid 60 FPS framerate is key for first-person shooter titles (and only absolutely mandatory in fighting games), this is the second Battlefield entry that has hit the PS4 and Xbox One. You think 1080p/900p would be achievable by now, especially when the competition in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hits 1080p/60 FPS on both consoles and features a very-lifelike Kevin Spacey in their single player campaign.

To be fair, Visceral Games is the studio taking over for EA DICE as they prepare their next video game, and Visceral has other cards up their sleeve right now. With a lukewarm reception to the Battlefield Hardline open beta earlier this year, low-resolution outputs on a title releasing in the second year of the PS4 and Xbox One’s life cycles may not help curry FPS fans’ favors.

Update: Just as this news was going up, EA released the launch trailer for Battlefield Hardline. Check it out below.

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