Codename STEAM To Feature Wil Wheaton As Abraham Lincoln


An official Tweet from Nintendo of America yesterday announced that Wil Wheaton, famous for portraying Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation, will be the voice of Abraham Lincoln in their upcoming 3DS title: Codename STEAM.

Codename STEAM is a turn-based strategy game, taking place in a fictional, steampunk version of London. Abraham Lincoln leads a team of steam-powered warriors, most of whom are fictional characters from American literature, as they fight off an alien invasion. Since he’s the “founding father” of this alien-bashing team, we’re likely to see quite a bit of Wil Wheaton throughout the game.

Codename STEAM comes out in North America on March 13th for the Nintendo 3DS, and is compatible with all Fire Emblem amiibos. I’ll be doing a review of the game which will appear on March 11, so check back if you’re curious about the game!

h/t Game Informer

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