Evolve Observer Mode Will Improve Livestream Commentary


In a world where the two leading 8th-gen consoles come with dedicated games streaming options within their operating systems, it only makes sense for competitive online multiplayer games provide helpful options to breed online commentary. That’s why Evolve not launching with some sort of spectator mode, which would allow for easy player camera switching to improve shoutcaster commentating, didn’t make sense to me. Thankfully, the Evolve developers have corrected that oversight today, revealing Observer Mode for this exact purpose.

The way it works requires custom matches, which allow 1-5 Evolve players enter a room and then add an Observer from the Hunter/Monster select screen. The added sixth player can only watch play, but can switch the camera angles between the monster and each of the hunters as the fast-paced action gets underway. Better yet, once fixated on a target, the Observer can manipulate the camera like a Director in ways players can’t normally do, in an effort to better showcase the action in a sports coverage style. Even Maggie’s pet Trapjaw, Daisy, get its own camera!

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Finally, the Evolve HUD that would normally interfere with the action is now customizable in a way that helps to highlight the action over what a player sees when playing. There are sliders to allow for extras, like expected survival odds and current perks being used. You can overlay a minimap, or remove the HUD entirely. Players can even get outlines for better visibility to those watching competitive Evolve play over a wider angle.

While I understand that there are people who will never enjoy watching competitive gaming content on sites like Youtube or Twitch, I think it’s great that the Evolve devs are furthering development of their community. Turtle Rock Studios have provided one of the biggest launches of a game that features asynchronous online multiplayer in a sub-genre that is quite young, so anything that allows someone on Twitch to enjoy the action in an improved way that may help push them towards picking up the game themselves would be considered a win for the game’s longevity.

Evolve is currently available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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