Valve Is Launching Their Steam Machines This November


Kotaku is reporting that Valve will launch their long-awaited Steam Machines will launch this November, according to a press release from Valve.

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"Steam Machines will start at the same price point as game consoles, with higher performance. Customers interested in the best possible gaming experience can choose whichever components meet their needs"

The Steam Machines will launch alongside a Steam Controller, which features dual trackpads and you can read all about here, as well as a device called the Steam Link that will allow for game streaming between multiple PCs or Steam Machines at 1080p/60HZ.

Valve is currently showing off Steam Machines this week at GDC from companies like Alienware, and claim they’ve got over a dozen partners launching a variety of Steam Machines to fit various needs in November. Ideally, you can buy in for about the price of an Xbox One or PS4, but one of these will be more powerful than either console.

That being said, this smacks of being far too confusing for an average consumer. I mean, I can’t see walking into a Walmart or Best Buy and them even stocking more than a couple varieties of these, let alone any salespeople being educated enough to tell me the difference, let alone some average mostly uninformed buyer. Maybe that’s not the audience Valve is really seeking, but if they want these things to sell better than an Ouya, they might want to simplify these Steam Machines a bit.

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