New Bloodborne Boss Is Electrifyingly Terrifying


When you center your game around fantastical, mythical creatures, your bosses have to be visually impressive enough to feel like they have a complicated, yet fantastic, design. That was one of the biggest problems behind the character design of the many humanoid bosses within Dark Souls II. From Software looks to correct this measure in Bloodborne, and the latest from the PlayStation Blog proves they’ve made huge strides in that regard.

The above Bloodborne boss is called “Darkbeast.” He is created from the discarded bones around him, thrust to energy with enigmatic lightning. His frantic, fast-paced movements keep players on their toes as they search for the safest way possible in thwarting this magnificent beast. He also carries the following official description from the game’s developers:

"A malformed beast enveloped in blue lightning.With a long body made of only bones, and a wrinkle-covered skull, people say this beast must be very old, very ancient.Or perhaps, it is a descendent of the city of the plague of beasts."

Knowing that Bloodborne is developed solely for the PS4, it is already great to see some of the more complicated lighting effects (voxels, particle physics) take place within these bosses’ development. With bolts of blue moving in a dynamic fashion, the aesthetics of Darkbeast are absolutely captivating. Plus, knowing that he’s just as menacing in combat as he is in static pictures, players are in for a treat.

You can check out gameplay footage of Bloodborne boss Darkbeast over at IGN. Bloodborne will be released exclusively for PS4 on March 24.

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