There’s A New Disney Wii U Game In The Works


3D Character Artist Cari Mayle recently shared some images on her blog of characters from an as-yet-unannounced game for the Wii U. My Nintendo News reports that it will be a Disney Wii U title. The images look to be in the medieval fantasy style, and elsewhere on her profile you can find dragon images in the same style that are also from an upcoming game, though she does not state if it is the same one.

Cari Mayle states, in regards to these images:

"These medieval fantasy characters are from an upcoming game for the Wii U (shown with permission). The character designs are by me (with the exception of the dwarf and dark skull knight). Environmental art and design created by me as well. They are not shown, but have a small sample of them with the character stands."

The Wii U sorely needs 3rd party titles to help bolster its success, particularly ones that will reach a wide audience and not focus in on young children. Though Disney has a history with making movie spin-off games that only reached a niche audience, they’ve also partnered with Square Enix to come up with Kingdom Hearts, and Epic Mickey didn’t do too bad either.

Hopefully we’ll hear more details about this title in the coming months, and for the Wii U’s sake, hopefully it merits more than a passing mention.

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