GTA V On PC Delayed To April, Online Heists Coming In March


Not to sound like a broken record, but the PC version of GTA V has been delayed. Yet. Again. This is according to the Rockstar Games newswire, which does come bearing good news in the fact that online heists will be coming to the current console releases of GTA on March 10th.

For those who are just tired of waiting and waiting for Rockstar to get the PC version actually done, anyone who has pre-ordered GTA V on PC will receive a bonus of $200,000 in-game GTA Online cash. It’s a great way for those who bought the game on consoles to jump into the PC version of online play that much easier once more.

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As with most delays for Rockstar games, the biggest benefits come to those who were competing on the release date. Sony’s PS4 exclusive Bloodborne no longer has that juggernaut to compete with, even if the two releases are on different platforms. Instead, Mortal Kombat X has to deal with the unintended consequences of GTA V on PC being released. When you consider the fact that over 45 million copies of GTA V have already been sold without joining the largest gaming platform in the PC, it’s at least a little bit of a cause for concern to NetherRealm.

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