Dark Souls II Apparently Looks Best, So Far, On PS4


For all intents and purposes, the best-looking versions of video games will appear on the PC platform. Due to a wider range of hardware specifications, there’s a lot more you can do with both computational and graphical upgrades that you just can’t do on console games. That’s why it’s a bit surprising to hear that the PS4 version of Dark Souls II (currently in development) is “the best-looking incarnation of the game to date,” according to the tech wizards of Digital Foundry.

What’s not entirely clear is if the Digital Foundry team is talking about base, vanilla gameplay. If so, it could make sense, as Dark Souls II on PC only really shines when using the GeDoSaTo optimization software, which allows for a much more visually (and technically) enhanced gaming experience. Even if so, Dark Souls II on PS4 is shown to be much sharper and with well-defined edges over the PS3 version in side-by-side comparisons.

Furthermore, you can see Dark Souls II maintain a strong 60FPS at most times, with occasional framerate dips down in the mid-50’s and 42 at its explosion-heavy lowest.

With performance said to be in “the same ballpark as The Last of Us remaster on PS4,” it looks like the PS4 version of Dark Souls II will handle itself alright when the Scholar of the First Sin release comes out on April 7th. That said, we don’t know how much the PC version will be upgraded, as well (with its Directx11 support), nor how the Xbox One can handle the same level of gameplay. With a lot of From Software titles suffering from framerate and technical blemishes on otherwise excellent games, the tinges of doubt surrounding these thoughts aren’t unwarranted.

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