Here’s How To Get ‘There Came an Echo’ For Free


Physical video games prices, for the largest part, have remained a constant. The standard has been set around $60 USD for the larger part of the 21st century, yet that number is not nearly the expected nor the average price for games sold on digital storefronts. Because there are so many new games sold at the $5-20 range from Indie developers and non-AAA publishers alike, it’s hard to make your game stand out. That’s why the developers of There Came an Echo decided to do something drastic to grab attention ahead of the game’s February 24th release; give it away for free.

There are some caveats to this giveaway. First off, it’s limited to NeoGAF members only, as the person from Iridium Studios owes their start in games development due to a development thread posted on their forums. Second, each person who wants to acquire a free copy of There Came an Echo must post in this thread within a 48 hour period (Sunday, February 22nd 10 AM EST – Tuesday, February 24th 10 AM EST), with a title also added in their post. That way, each code can be handed out automatically.

No cost, catches or hidden strings are attached with accepting this There Came an Echo giveaway. However, if you want to show monetary appreciation for Iridium Studios, you can donate to their ongoing development of future games over at PayPal. Additionally, if you liked the game after trying it out, you can always buy another copy when the game comes out on Tuesday and gift it to a friend.

For those who are intrigued about the game, There Came an Echo is a Kickstarted real-time strategy game where you command a small squadron in on-the-fly combat, with a fairly unique combat system. The game uses voice recognition in order to command your troops, allowing you to state things like “weapons free!” or “(team member), go to Alpha 6” in order to move them to specific coordinates on the map. It carries an impeccable voice cast that includes Wil Wheaton, Yuri Lowenthal, Ashly Burch, Laura Bailey and others.

While you can go the cynical route and call it a simple marketing scheme, one should never poo-poo a nickel, nor a free video game. I mean, even if you put down $15+ to get a copy of the game when it was first on Kickstarter the game wouldn’t likely be in development in the first place! Plus, in the first 70 minutes of a 48-hour giveaway, over 1,650 codes have been slated to be given away. That’s a huge chunk ($24,750+) out of potential profits already.

There Came An Echo will be released for PC on February 24th. It will also be released on the PS4 sometime in the future.

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