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Yes, Deep Down Is Still A Thing, Capcom’s Ono Reminds Us


Man, it’s been a long time since last we covered Deep Down. At a time when the PS4 needs more well-regarded exclusives, it seems like forever since we’ve properly heard about the free-to-play action-RPG title. That’s why it’s refreshing to see the lovable Corporate Officer and face of Capcom executives, Yoshinori Ono speak to 4Gamer (translated by Siliconera) and discuss the ongoing development of the E3-2013-announced game.

It appears as though Deep Down hadn’t come into any halts in development (as Ono notes is a concern shared with him by others), rather the goals and reach of the project have been extended to match its growth in gameplay. “We’re thinking about showing something that looks completely different from what previously shown, although it might be a while from now,” Ono proclaims.

“The ideas we have for the game is much larger now compared to when we first announced it. Rather, the ideas we had before might not have been good enough. When it comes to the service of online games, it’s a long-term challenge, so we must make sure to do the necessary parts correctly at the launch of the service, otherwise it’d be a shame to have an amusing game and not have any players stick around.”

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It’s a fair point to make. Though it’s not quite an MMO, the dungeon crawling aspect of Deep Down needs to get fans hooked, especially with its free-to-play model. As long as it doesn’t venture into the pay-to-win category and focuses more on a pay model towards apartment aesthetics, having ongoing content will be the make-or-break aspect of the game’s development as it extends its legs. It’s rare to see AAA efforts go into a console title quite like this, and hopefully the delays will result in a richer gameplay experience.

Deep Down is a PS4 exclusive, developed by both Capcom Online Games and SCE Japan Studio. It will be released when it’s ready, although we’re not quite sure when that will be just yet.

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