Gold Edition Mario Amiibo Is Coming…To Walmart


A few weeks ago, IGN reported that a clever NeoGAFer called KTS2448 spotted silver and gold Mario amiibo variants revealed by CPSIA certificates. The variants are reportedly in the same poses as Mario amiibo from the upcoming Super Mario series planned to release along with Mario Party 10.

Yesterday, reddit user pituvision posted on /r/amiibo a photo of a promotion from a local Walmart store for the gold edition Mario amiibo. Take a look:

If this image can be believed (and it’s a pretty convincing fake, if not) then the gold edition Mario amiibo is real and coming to a Walmart near you…and only a Walmart. Judging by the poster and the current release date of the Super Mario amiibo series (March 20th, to coincide with Mario Party 10). It’s hard to tell whether it will be available as a bundle, separately, or as part of some special promotion.

Whatever the case, judging by the ongoing sad state of amiibo everywhere, it’s likely that few of us will see a gold edition Mario amiibo in action. Fortunately, as far as gameplay goes, it’s likely that it behaves identically to the other Mario amiibos, so you won’t be missing out on game functionality.

And if you’re one of the determined bunch trying to beat the scalpers and snatch up a gold edition Mario amiibo for yourself…good luck.

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