Despite its technical qualms and its revisiting of tried-and-t..."/> Despite its technical qualms and its revisiting of tried-and-t..."/>

The Evil Within Sees First DLC Drop Next Month


Despite its technical qualms and its revisiting of tried-and-true gameplay designs, The Evil Within was a fairly good game released among a slew of other titles last October. Upon completion of the game, you could tell that there was more of Shinji Mikami’s story to tell, as some mysteries and questions remained. Bethesda aims to satisfy that thirst for knowledge by releasing a teaser trailer for upcoming DLC, “The Asssignment.”

Releasing this March, the teaser trailer shows very little, but tells a lot. It’s clear that habitual running-away candidate Leslie is hiding in some sort of locker, as a man in what appears to be an antiquated diving suit searches for him, calling his name in an altered voice modulator. While it’s not 100% certain, it looks like an offshoot of The Keeper, one of the bosses that Sebastian fights in The Evil Within.

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Deliberately bereft of information as to guide the intrigue within the DLC, it’s great to see that The Evil Within just start to see its DLC development come to realization just now. It’s indicative of Bethesda’s intentions of giving the game legs, as well as not trying to cash in on the game’s popularity with close-to-launch DLC. It means that the development team spent the time and effort to get it right after they sold the game, instead of trying to squeeze as much money as possible by holding back game content in order to further monetize the base.

The Assignment, indicated as just the first of add-on content for The Evil Within, will come out in March. The base game is currently available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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