Until Dawn Wishes You A Happy Valentine’s Day…Trailer


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! As couples across the world plans their special days together (and as singles try to capture that same magic spontaneously with strangers), Supermassive Games has decided now is the perfect time to release a new game trailer for their upcoming title Until Dawn, showing an emphasis on the special connections that the game’s cast of 8 can share. At least, when they’re not franticly running away from a serial killer.

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More information about Until Dawn is relayed on the PlayStation Blog, in which we learn that the game’s romantic pairings are not predetermined. It’s very much a scenario in which you can mostly control, if you say or do the right things. Furthermore, it goes beyond just who will spend their “spare time” together. Depending on how you treat others, characters could choose not to save you in that ultimate fight or flight situation. The final survivors, attitudes towards others and certain character dynamics will all be affected by how you play.

As the choice-driven narrative adventure genre spreads its wings, it becomes interesting to see how the patented Telltale Games method of storytelling branches out. Until Dawn, so far, looks to make a name on its own thanks to its decidedly-unique horror skew, giving the player multiple choices on the fly as to decide just how they will escape from the masked terror that haunts them. Plus, by altering who gets together with whom, there’s a great potential for replayability, seeing just how the story changes if someone you were nice to comes back to save a character in their final moments.

Until Dawn will be released exclusively on the PS4 within the Summer 2015 release window.

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