Persona 5 Details Show Integral Gameplay Mechanic Still In


As a reminder, if you haven’t checked out the latest Persona 5 trailer, you must absolutely do so right now. It personally turned me around on a passive interest in the series to the point where I’m contemplating picking up a PS Vita just to play Persona 4 Golden over the vanilla version for a PS3 that I already own!

With that out of the way, more information about the actual gameplay of Persona 5 has become public knowledge in Japan, with story and setting details getting relayed through Famitsu magazine. Luckily, Siliconera has translated said details, sharing it to a wider, English-speaking audience.

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Among the chief concerns when the first gameplay trailer came out was the removal of social links. This is not the case, as “some sort of Social Link-like feature” will return in Persona 5. Our protagonist will have a chance to establish such connections when he transfers to the city in Spring, just in time to start his second year of high school. That coffee table, previously shown with his crew gathered around building schematics, is part of the coffee shop he moves into as he transitions from Shibuya to Tokyo.

For further context, our protagonist’s first exclusive Persona is called “Arsène,” which is believed to be inspired by fictional thief/master of disguise Arsène Lupin. That builds more into the gameplay of Persona 5, as the cat burgling party definitely plays up those sneaking and stealing themes (from what we’ve seen already).

As terrible as the toxicity within waifu wars can get when discussing the game series, seeing Social Links make a reappearance (in one form or another) in Persona 5 brings peace of mind. Conversations kept with non-player characters drove home both the sense of characterization and brought depth behind the story itself. Just how exactly the gameplay and story mechanic will change in the next title within the series is yet to be seen.

Persona 5 will exclusively hit the PS4 and PS3 in Japan later this year. Hopefully, an English localization is not far behind.

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