Evolve Comes With A 3GB Day 1 Patch For Optimization


It seems like as time passes, Day 1 patches become more and more prevalent in games development (and accepted among the gaming community). While it’s certainly no 16GB monstrosity like Sniper Elite III had, Evolve will also see a Day 1 patch running up to roughly 3GB of data, according to the game’s website.

There are quite a number of things being upgraded in Evolve thanks to this patch. Based off of information gathered from beta testing, balancing tweaks are coming to the game. It’s an important addition, seeing how multiplayer is asynchronous and involves multiple humans versus one monster. Performance optimizations will also come included, in addition to a slew of general bug fixes. Finally, changes to Elite skins for both Hunters and Monsters will be implemented due to fan feedback in beta gameplay.

In a world where consoles come with just 500GB of standard hard drive space (usually ~455GB of which is usable for games), the bigger these Day 1 patches like the one for Evolve get, the more taxing it becomes for data management. If the data expense is a cost of producing a game that runs fairly smoothly in online campaigns, then it will definitely be a worthwhile tradeoff. If not, at the very least it won’t be as huge as the functionally-ineffective Day 1 multiplayer patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, a game that still sees matchmaking difficulties almost 3 months after launch.

Evolve will launch on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One tomorrow, February 10th.

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